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How To Keep Mosquitoes Away In Georgia

August 15, 2021 - Mosquitoes

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What are your chances of getting hit by a car when you cross the street? Most likely pretty low, especially if you take precautions and look both ways to be safe. This same principle is true for mosquitoes. Most of the time, a bite from one of these pests will not pose any risk to your health beyond making you itch. It’s only on rare occasions that people will contract harmful viruses from mosquitoes. Although chances are small, you should still take precautions to make sure these pests are biting you as little as possible. To help you keep mosquitoes away in Georgia, here are some things you can do.

Wear Lighter Colored Clothing

Mosquitoes mainly use their sense of smell to detect people nearby and generally have poor eyesight. Because of this, they use dark silhouettes against lighter backdrops to identify their prey. If you wear lighter-colored clothing, mosquitoes will have a harder time picking you out for a meal.

Avoid Mosquito Dense Areas

Mosquitoes breed in pools of stagnant water. You are more likely to find these pests in large numbers around marshlands, swamps, and other wet areas. We recommend avoiding these locations or taking extra precautions before traveling to one.

Spend Less Time Outdoors During Dusk and Dawn

You are most likely to be bitten by a mosquito during dusk and dawn, as this is when these pests are most active. If you are taking a camping trip or spending time outdoors, spend less time outside during this time or take extra precautions to avoid bites.

Use Mosquito Repellent

There are mosquito repellents on the market that will reduce your chances of being attacked by these pests. The ones that work best contain either DEET or picaridin. If you want a more natural product, there are many options for that as well. You could even make a natural deterrent by processing down plants that mosquitoes hate, like lavender, marigolds, or rosemary.

Install Fans Around Outdoor Lounging Areas

Mosquitoes are not the greatest fliers and struggle to land when there is a breeze outside. Install fans to simulate a breeze around your covered outdoor lounging areas to help make your time outside cooler and less itchy.

Eliminate Mosquito Breeding Grounds

Properties with more sources of stagnant water are likely to have mosquito problems. One way to eliminate sources of stagnant water is by pouring out rainwater that collects after a storm. If you have birdbaths or ornate pools, change the water in them once every four days or invest in ones that are self circulating. Finally, for ponds and other bodies of water on your property, stock them with mosquitofish to deal with eggs.

Hire An Expert

Eliminating breeding grounds and installing fans is not a guaranteed option to combat mosquitoes. If you have neighbors nearby, mosquitoes will breed on their property and find their way into your yard. The only way to get full protection against mosquitoes is to have your property treated. At High Priority Pest Services, Inc., we offer long-term options to nullify breeding grounds and eliminate mosquitoes as they enter your yard. If you have an outdoor space or event center you want to protect during an upcoming wedding or gathering, we also offer single service mosquito control services. Whatever pest problems you are dealing with, we have an option that will fit your needs.

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