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How To Protect Yourself From Ticks In Georgia

September 15, 2021 - Ticks

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Have you ever been bitten by a tick? You probably won't notice at first, and some people don't notice them for a few days. That's right, a few days. Ticks are among the world's slowest eaters. It is not uncommon for these parasitic bugs to stay latched onto a host for seven to ten days. Usually, people find them long before they finish feeding, but this does not make any potential dangers they pose less creepy. If you are looking for ways to avoid being bitten by ticks in Georgia here are some things to consider today.

Why You Don't Want Ticks Biting You

Ticks are not just creepy; they are also dangerous. Although not every bite is harmful, every so often, these pests pick up and transmit disease-causing organisms. Two diseases you might contract from the ticks in our area include Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. One precaution we recommend is to save any tick that bites you inside an airtight container in the freezer. If you contract a disease, this tick will help your doctor identify the strain of Lyme or another disease you have.

Tip One: Wear Long Pants

Ticks are not mobile creatures and use tall grass and other plants to climb up and transfer onto their prey. By wearing long pants, you will give these pests less available skin to crawl on and, in turn, reduce your chances of being bitten.

Tip Two: Tuck Your Pant Legs Into Your Socks

To protect your legs further, we recommend tucking your pant legs into your socks. While this may look a bit silly, it is a great way to stop these parasitic pests from crawling up your legs and biting you higher up.

Tip Three: Wrap Tape Around Your Leg

If you really don't want ticks crawling up your body, one clever trick involves wrapping heavy deputy adhesive tape snug around your thighs with the sticky side facing outwards to trap ticks that are trying to climb up your body and keep them there until you dispose of them.

Tip Four: Avoid Tick Dense Areas

You are most likely to encounter ticks inside tall grass or areas where there is thick undergrowth. If possible, do your best to avoid places like these where ticks might be lying and waiting.

Tip Five: Keep Up With Your Lawn and Landscaping

Reduce your chances of finding ticks on your property by regularly mowing your lawn and trimming your hedges, bushes, and other landscaping to eliminate hiding spots and make ticks less likely to settle in around your yard.

Tip Six: Wear Tick Repellent

There are many tick repellents on the market. We recommend using a product that contains picaridin. If you don't like chemical-based repellents, many natural options are less effective but still help deter these pests.

Tip Seven: Hire A Professional

No one wants to tuck their pant legs into their socks while walking around their property. If you are looking for a way to guard yourself against these pests in your yard, let our team help you out. At High Priority Pest Services, Inc., we offer advanced treatments to protect properties from dangerous pests like ticks. And, if you are planning an outdoor gathering, we also provide single service treatments to protect the area for several weeks.

Give our team a call now to discuss your options with one of our friendly service representatives. They will schedule your Georgia property for a visit and help you on your way to a tick-free property.