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Commercial Pest Control In Georgia

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Decades Of Experience In Every Aspect Of The Pest Control Industry

When you run a business, ensuring its success is essential to protecting your livelihood. A business that experiences too many problems risks failure, so avoiding potential pitfalls is just one of the jobs you must learn to do. When pests local to Georgia threaten your business, they cause a variety of problems, from damaging your building to harming your employees or customers, so eliminating the infestation as quickly as possible must be a priority. High Priority Pest Services, Inc. provides commercial pest management services to Georgia using our decades of experience in every sector of the pest control industry. We offer customized pest control programs that meet your business’s unique needs while prioritizing safety, health, and the environment. To get more information on commercial inspections contact us today!

What To Expect From Our Commercial Services

A customized pest control program can only be created by understanding the details of your business and its pest problems. To do this, we begin your service with a thorough inspection of your facility and property. We will inspect numerous areas of your commercial property, including operating areas, the exterior perimeter, office spaces, warehouses, and more, to ensure we don’t miss any place where pests might be an issue.

Accurate reporting is also vital during the inspection process, as these notes form the basis for your treatment program. Some of the practices High Priority Pest Services, Inc. applies during the inspection process include:

  • Having our tools ready. To perform a pest inspection, High Priority Pest Services uses tools such as flashlights, flushing agents or aerosols, a magnifying glass, and a pen and paper to record our findings during the commercial pest inspection.
  • Getting down low. In doing commercial inspections, especially indoors, we get down low on our hands and knees with a flashlight to get a better look at the area for damages that could be a sign of pest activity.
  • Taking photo evidence. Photos are a great way to illustrate issues or problem areas in commercial pest reports. We take photos during the inspection and attach them to our reports. Our High Priority Pest Services inspectors will then examine the photos and develop recommendations to help solve the issue depicted in the photo.
  • Using a digital checklist. High Priority Pest Services uses a digital commercial pest control checklist which serves as a guide when performing commercial inspections. It helps us keep track of areas or items we need to check. Using a digital checklist efficiently utilizes our mobile or tablet device to perform inspections for faster data collection and helps us avoid losing paper reports.

Once our inspection is complete, we will create a pest control program for your business that we fully customize to its unique needs. You can rest assured that High Priority Pest Services, Inc. will develop a treatment plan that is safe and healthy for you, your employees and customers, and the environment, and that makes your concerns our priority.

Facilities We Service

Property Management

As a property manager, you do a little bit of everything. When you partner with High Priority Pest Services, Inc., you can take one job off your plate by allowing us to take care of your pest control needs.


The environment and productivity of office space are based on many factors, one being that it is a healthy, pest-free space. Let High Priority Pest Services, Inc. make your office free of harmful pests.


If your restaurant experiences a pest infestation, you risk sickening your customers and losing your business. Protect your patrons and your good name by partnering with High Priority Pest Services, Inc.


Welcoming retail spaces are not only clean and organized; they’re also pest-free. Keeping pests out of your retail store protects your customers and your inventory. High Priority Pest Services, Inc. can help.


No matter what you keep in your warehouse, a pest infestation puts your facility and everything inside it at risk of damage or destruction. Keep pests out with help from High Priority Pest Services, Inc.

Municipal Buildings

Municipal buildings being open and operational are essential in keeping your town or city running smoothly. Let High Priority Pest Services, Inc. keep damaging pests out so you can do your job with excellence.

Reasons To Choose High Priority Pest Services, Inc.

Discovering a pest infestation in your commercial facility can be stressful, but at High Priority Pest Services, Inc., your concern is our priority.

  • We have over 25 years of experience in the pest control industry.
  • We are a local business that understands how to protect your business from local pests.
  • We place a priority on safety, health, and the environment.
  • We create customized pest control programs for each business we service.
  • We believe in exceeding our customers’ expectations.
  • We provide outstanding customer service.
  • We offer increased flexibility and value through a fresh, innovative approach to pest management.
  • We offer same-day service.
  • We guarantee our services.

Your Hometown Pest Control Company

Keeping your business pest-free should always be a priority because it helps you avoid so many pest-related problems down the road. If your business is currently experiencing a pest infestation or if you want to take action now to prevent an infestation in the future, let the local experts who make your concerns our priority be the ones to help. High Priority Pest Services, Inc. has the experience you need to ensure a pest-free environment in your commercial space. Request our pricing by contacting us today.