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Residential Pest Control in
Augusta Georgia

Trusted Home Pest Control Services

Safe and Effective Home Pest Control
Here at High Priority, we developed a 6 times per year home pest control program to help Georgia homeowners keep their homes free of nuisance and potentially damaging household pests including ants and spiders.

Our year-round pest programs includes an initial interior and exterior inspection and treatment to eliminate existing pest problems with ongoing services. When you choose High Priority Pest Control, you can expect a dedicated, highly-trained pest control technician to execute your service expertly creating a barrier of protection around your home.

No matter what type of pest problem your are facing, you can count on us. If you are located in A GA or surrounding are, call or text us at (470) 474-2847 for assistance!
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Effective Residential Pest Control

Safe, non-toxic solutions
Whenever possible we use environmentally sound pest control products that will protect your home with low environmental impact.
Certified technicians
All of our Technicians are Licensed and Background checked.
Priority Pest Free Guarantee
If the pests return so do we!
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Additional Residential Services

Termite Control
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Mosquito Control
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The Georgia Residential Pest Control
Experts You Can Trust!

Dont settle for anything les than the best! To protect your home and property from common pests and invaders such as mosquitos, rodents, termites and more, partner with us at High Priority Pest Control for quality pest protect. To get started with our professional pest management services, reach out to us today!

Call High Priority Today.

High Quality pest control you can trust for your home or business.
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